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We're still open... but we need help

Like many other businesses, we have been struggling during this unprecedented time. Given latest round of COVID-19 restrictions, we don't see the situation improving any time soon so we are asking for help to stay open.

As expected, our frozen dessert business is very weather-dependent and under normal circumstances, increased business during the warm spring and summer months helps us get through the slower winter months. Due to COVID-19 and to some extent the local fires, instead of an increase, we experienced a substantial decline. It was a challenge just to stay open but we managed with some rent deferrals which we will have to start repaying in January and assistance programs. In the spring when the Safer at Home orders were first issued, our normally robust after school crowds evaporated. This fall, the after school crowds continued to be non-existent because of online classes. We also felt the effects of our neighboring businesses which slowed or closed and whose customers were no longer stopping by to pick up a quick treat.

We are grateful for our valued and loyal customers and for everything everyone has been doing to keep small businesses like ours afloat. Unfortunately, business as usual does not appear to be returning in the near future. We are hoping our amazing community and customers can help us get through these tough times.

All money raised will go toward rent, insurance, utilities, payroll, inventory, and other operating expenses to keep our doors open.

Thank you in advance for the support, we love and appreciate each and every one of you and your kindness does not go unnoticed!

With love and thanks,


Swirlz Soft Serve Parlor

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